44 Elvis Hunter – Eric Slater

The Siblings welcome Pete Yannik to the bunker to discuss Nicholas Cage’s best Roles, David Copperfield’s magic secret, diabetes and the truth about Elvis’ death.

43 Sheep People – Ed Flynn

Adam and Sarah return with “Ohio” native Rusty Stickdorn to dig deep into some hairy media secrets, food blogs, French film, football, and David Lynch.

Bonus – Game of Thrones Patreon Episode

Originally released as a Patreon episode, the Siblings weigh in on LOTR and Game of Thrones. Enjoy listening as Sarah attempts to make heads and tails of severed heads and dragon tails. We’ll have a new regular episode from the bunker soon!

37 Apocalypse Real Estate Agent (Live from Chicago) – Brooke Breit & Jessie Fisher

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